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As the ‘smile makers’ of the country, it is our moral duty to be an active part of the awareness and education of the masses in relation to dental problems. While single-handedly dedicating time and effort to this cause may not be achievable, with the Care32 network it will soon be a reality!

Come, be part of the Dental Revolution in India TODAY!

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Why Care32?

It goes without saying that a dentist’s job would become easier if his patients chose to follow the ‘Prevention is better than cure’ philosophy. However, in the present day such an atmosphere has yet to be created among the patient community in India. At Care 32, we aim to bridge this information gap, thus bringing a new dynamic of awareness and accessibility.

We aim at uniting dental professional across the country through a comprehensive support network to help revolutionize the dental care and awareness industry in India. We believe are determined to bring a lasting, positive change in the way preventive dental care is perceived across the nation.

At Care32 we are completely committed to the welfare, betterment and development in the dental care industry in India.

I humbly request you all to take part in the mission Smile India. Please add your dental clinic in the list by sending your details at or by filling the registration form here.


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Dr Surovi KashyapPosted on5:13 pm - Sep 10, 2017

Been trying to educate students by going for camps yet there is a big leap…

Dr Abhilasha GuptaPosted on7:56 am - Sep 11, 2017

I want to join

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